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And, Tony From Maine Writes…

You were wrong to post that “don’t get mad don’t get depressed” message. You practically were conceding defeat. The amount of morale damage you did with the Republican forces across the country is immeasurable. You expect to post something like “Bush is losing in all of the battleground states, but hey, keep the faith! GOTV!”. Bulls**t, it doesn’t work that way. As soon as your post went up, a few people just in the corner of the building where I work came over, one person almost in tears. You should be very proud of yourself. Why don’t you just shut the hell up for the rest of the day. There has been enough damage done already. And tell Jonah to shut up too – I don’t need to see the stupid “I come back from lunch” post either.

OY. I’m waiting for reports that people killed their cats based on Corner posts.