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I like some of the guys expected to be at the top there a lot. Mitch McConnell is expected to be minority leader. Jon Kyl will replace Santorum as conference chair. Good stuff.

But …

Kay Bailey Hutchison is expected to get the Republican Policy Committee.

When you take a look at some of the terrific policy papers the RPC put out under an effective Kyl, it’s hard not to want a smart, solid, conservative, total team-player type in that slot. Mrs. Hutchison is more mod.

Which brings me (back) to Jeff Sessions. I’m under no impression he wants it, but there are some rumors that some folks there think he should. I certainly think he should. He fits the aforementioned bill. 

So, how ‘bout it, Senator Sessions? Run, Sessions, run! It’ll be a bit of a challenge, jumping in now. But inasmuch as the Policy Committee disseminates research on some key issues … Sessions should be there.