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And the winner is…

…McCain by a landslide! A reader writes in:

I wasn’t going to watch the debate but after reading the posts on the corner I changed the channel.

Watching the debate I feel great to be an Republican. Obama is just horrible tonight. Did he not eat his wheaties?  He’s negative, stumbling over his words and can’t help but double speak on each question.

What’s up with Charlie Gibson tonight? Especially on capital gains. He sounds downright conservative.

Now obama doesn’t necessarily want more revenues, he wants to be fair!

That jibes with my impression of the debate. My prediction? The debate will be received so badly there will be increased pressure to kick Hillary out of the race. But since Obama was clearly the worse of the two in the debate, Hillary will win PA as expected and the goat rodeo will continue for the forseeable future with even more acrimony between the two candidates. Which only helps McCain. 


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