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Norwegian Mass Murderer Anders Breivik: Norway Violated My ‘Human Rights’ by Serving Me Cold Coffee

The latest step taken by Anders Behring Breivik is an extraordinary comment on the modern world, completely unimaginable except that it is happening. Breivik is the man who in 2011 shot and killed 77 mostly young people in Oslo and wounded 300 as well. In his early thirties at the time, he had no real education. He was one of the many millions today who feel with a sort of animal instinct that freedom means doing whatever you want. Hitler set the extreme example of doing what he wanted, and so Nazism and mass-murder is freedom for Breivik.

Throughout history, every social structure that mankind has been able to construct has protected itself against freedom that is actually destructive license, first by rule of law, then by gallows or the firing squad, in the last resort by war. The European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR) is something absolutely novel, the very first measure that promotes genuine license above the powers of the state.

In a display of unmatched absurdity, Breivik has brought a suit against the Norwegian government. Prison, he claims, violates his human rights, limits visiting and correspondence, serves him with microwaved food to be eaten with plastic utensils, moreover the coffee is cold. He boasts that he has been a Nazi since the age of twelve. Adolf Hitler’s principles and teachings (in Breivik’s own words) are therefore his.

Judge Helen Andenaes Seculic is not to blame for the tragic-comic ruling that Breivik’s rights have indeed been infringed. Nobody in the course of the trial saw fit to mention the rights of the 77 dead and the 300 wounded. This is the handiwork of the ECHR, one of the prime implements digging the grave of European civilization.


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