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Andrea Mitchell Called It

Andrea Micthell’s gotten a lot of grief for her comments (see below) about Iran being our ally “more or less” until President Bush used the phrase “axis of evil.” She probably has more of a point than her biggest detractors will allow. But not much of one. Iran was not our ally in any real sense, but there was some useful coordination against the Taliban.  As I joked on Twitter, it’s not like the term “great Satan” was a term of endearment until George W. Bush messed everything up. Oh and there was that whole hostage taking thing. You could look it up.

The really funny part of her little speech though is where she brags about she was “right here in Congress” when Bush used the phrase “axis of evil.” She called the control room and said “this is a big deal” as if only a correspondent with her foreign policy chops could deduce that the use of the phrase “axis of evil” was significant. Because, you know, that went over everyone else’s heads at the time and would have gone un-remarked-upon had it not been for her flagging the phrase for us.