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Fox News Host Attacks George P. Bush, an Afghanistan Vet, for Not Serving in Iraq (UPDATED)

Well, this is embarrassing:

Besides being a generally repulsive line of attack, there’s also . . . this: George P. Bush served an eight-month tour of duty in Afghanistan in 2010, as a Naval Reserves intelligence officer.

And it’s not exactly a closely guarded secret. It’s on Bush’s campaign website. It’s on his Wikipedia page. In 2009, the Daily Beast wrote a piece entitled “A Bush Goes to War,” subtitle: “Jeb’s son George P. talks exclusively with The Daily Beast about his new deployment overseas.” And Bush even penned an article about his deployment in USA Today. Opening sentence: “Earlier this year, I returned to Texas from Afghanistan, where I was deployed as an intelligence officer in the U.S. Navy Reserve.”

An apology seems in order, yes?

UPDATE: Unreal:

And an “explanation” of that tweet, via Tantaros’s Facebook page:

Translation: “Yeah, okay, George P. Bush served in Afghanistan. But it doesn’t count.”


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