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Andrew Responds Ii

He says he’s no radical because his position hasn’t changed. Maybe so, but his rhetorical tactics have. It seems to me Andrew used to condemn the gay left for its totalizing attitude toward politics. Andrew’s position now is that conservatives are immoral for fighting laws he disagrees with and for not-fighting laws he disagrees with. The only safe harbor appears to be agreeing with Andrew with the same amount of passion as Andrew, otherwise you’re a “theocon” or some such. That’s not fair. Indeed, he denounces me for being ignorant of the Virginia law and at the same time denounces me as if I were supporting it. That’s not fair either. I have advocated from conviction the creation of social space, acceptance and tolerance of gays many times. But Andrew increasingly seems to have the same contempt for my lack of passion about gay rights as a Bolshevik had for a Social Democrat. I just don’t think that’s a good or smart approach for his side of the debate.

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