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Andy’s Right

I think McCain put in a very solid performance. But Andy is right that Obama came off as a plausible alternative. Since we have all spent the past few weeks understanding the history and implications of the Obama-Ayers (Khalidi, Said) relationships, that is a tragedy. It would have been awkward to insert that stuff in this format. It would have risked making McCain look oddly hostile and combative If the McCain campaign is serious about winning, they have to get this stuff out, under their own rubric, not that of “friendly” journalists. So they better make some kind of arrangement for a high profile event where he can lay it out. And they had better figure out how to get national coverage, because an 8 minute clip on YouTube doesn’t penetrate the national consciousness.

I am listening to Karl Rove blather on right now as if Obama was knocked off his lead. When did that happen? 


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