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The Anglians

On a nicer note (although the contrast with what took place in Luton is, to say the least, painful), here’s a report (from November, 2007) of the return of the First Battalion of the Royal Anglians to my hometown:

Thousands of people lined the streets of Norwich to give the heroes of the Royal Anglian Regiment a rapturous welcome home.

More than 300 soldiers from the regiment’s 1st Battalion paraded through the city to mark their return from Afghanistan.

An estimated 10,000 people lined the parade route as the soldiers, nicknamed the Vikings, marched from City Hall to Norwich Cathedral with bayonets fixed and colours flying, accompanied by the Minden Band of the Queen’s Division.

There was loud applause, cheers and shouts of encouragement from onlookers, who stood six-deep in places, many waving union flags and some holding banners to welcome the troops home.

As the parade assembled outside City Hall, two RAF Tornados flew overhead.

The whole account is well worth reading — and food for thought. 


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