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Anglican Crack-up Continues: D.C. Bishop Calls African Conservatives ‘Demonic’

From today’s London Guardian, this headline and story: US bishop hits out at ’demonic’ African church leaders:

An influential US bishop has attacked African leaders for treating him and his church as a “punchbag”.

The Right Rev John Chane, the Bishop of Washington, said neither he nor the Episcopal church deserved the treatment, accusing the leaders of “demonic and dangerous” behaviour. . . . Chane denied that the Episcopal church was guilty of leading the Anglican communion into error.

“I think it’s really very dangerous when someone stands up and says: ‘I have the way and I have the truth and I know how to interpret holy scripture and you are following what is the right way,’” he said “It’s really very, very dangerous and I think it’s demonic.

“The Episcopal church has been demonised. It has been a punching bag, and I’m sick of being a punching bag as a bishop and I’m sick of my church, my province being a punching bag.”


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