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Angry, Dumb Americans Spend October Stealing and Defacing Yard Signs

’Tis the season for stealing and defacing campaign yard signs, perhaps the ultimate passive-aggressive expression of contempt for one’s neighbors and political differences.

Hickory, North Carolina: “A release from the Caldwell County Sheriff’s Office said three Newton-Conover High students allegedly stole 12 Trump yard signs.

Gainesville, Florida: “Nazi swastikas were painted on campaign signs, a garage door and walkway, and a vehicle at two homes near Westside Park.”

Bucks County, Pennsylvania: “Stealing political signs is nothing new, but it’s getting out of hand for one Bucks County man as he’s had 13 Trump for President signs stolen off his Lower Makefield Township property. One of the Trump signs that was stolen, was 15 or 20 feet up in a tree, but homeowner Gary Cruzan says – like a dozen other Trump signs — it was stolen out of his yard along Edgewood Road.”

Battle Creek, Michigan:  “A Battle Creek man is speaking out tonight, after he says his Donald Trump yard signs were vandalized two nights in a row. Sam Vosburgh says on Sunday some of the signs were stolen from his front yard, and then last night, someone drove through his lawn and ran some over.”

Mauston, Wisconsin: “The Mauston Police Department reported that several pro-Trump yard signs were stolen throughout the city late Sunday night and early Monday morning.”

The amazing thing is that campaign yard signs have  no impact on a national presidential vote. (In local races, where name recognition of candidates is significantly lower, they matter a bit more.) No one is going to decide who to vote for in the presidential race because of a yard sign. Yet some crazed partisans out there feel the best way to support their candidate is to head over in the middle of the night and tear down the other guy’s signs.

Betta Stothart of Falmouth, Maine wrote in the Washington Post about her and her friends vandalism “running down the road, tearing up the Donald Trump signs along our version of Main Street.” A cop saw her and she may have to pay a fine. At least she recognizes the error of her ways:

As someone who stooped to the level of stealing from a local businessman, I have a lot of explaining and apologizing to do. I also have advice for anyone who might be on the verge of doing something stupid. It’s not worth it. Find a healthy way to express your outrage.


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