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Angry Mail

I haven’t posted angry and or hate mail lately. It hasn’t gone away, there was just more inportant stuff to do. But just so you know, it still comes in. Since the war began I get a lot of this sort of thing:

Dear Mr. Goldberg,

You’ve been an outspoken advocate of the position we now find ourselves in. I’m wondering, as you watch the carnage unfolding in Iraq, do you have any reservations? Does the destruction of Iraq, it’s people and our own soldiers have any impact on you or are as cold blooded as I think you are. Do you tune out the war or IF you can STAND watching it, do you have an emotional reaction to it? Have you cried? Can you cry? Like many zealots, your perceptions weren’t accurate. We’re paying a high price for the absurd vision you and your neo-con friends have inflicted upon an unsuspecting public. Compassionate conservatism? The Third Reich is more like it. And I mean that sincerely.

I hope you suffer terribly for the unspeakable suffering you’ve promoted.


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