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Angry = Serious

Anger is working wonders for Santorum, Newt, and Romney. And it’s about time.

Oops — Romney may not have been in D.C., but he also did not live in the real streets of America. He lived in the gated communities so far from Main Street that most Americans can’t find them even with a GPS.

When Mitt shows some anger, and passion, it reads like the conviction that we’ve been waiting to see. This is good. It means, among other things, that he got the message about his bad show on Tuesday, and someone good prepped him. He’s remembering the lines he needs.

Here’s the problem with Newt: He really is grandiose. Taking credit for both Ronald Reagan’s revolution, and, as Obama will not hesitate to note, Bill Clinton’s presidency.

I am too old to find Ron Paul’s long explanations convincing or compelling. You have to be very young and earnest, or a crank, to take him seriously.

Newt is ever clever. Hard not to respect his ability to frame anything brilliantly. Regarding SOPA: “You’re asking a conservative to defend the economic interests of Hollywood.” Still, he defends principle. Good.


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