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Angus King to GOP? [UPDATE: Nope]

Maine’s independent senator, Angus King, may look to switch caucuses after Republicans regained control of the Senate on Tuesday, according to CNN. After spending the first two years of his term with the Democrats, King will “discuss which party he will caucus with” at a press conference later today.

King had previously hinted that he would consider caucusing with Republicans if they took the Senate. “I’ll make my decision at the time based on what I think is best for Maine,” he said in April. If he joined Republicans, he would caucus with his fellow Mainer in the Senate, Susan Collins.

The chamber’s only other independent member, Vermont’s Bernie Sanders, has stated that he will continue to caucus with Democrats, regardless of who is in control.

Some observers are also speculating whether West Virginia’s conservative Democratic senator Joe Manchin may flip parties and join Republicans, especially after Shelley Moore Capito became the state’s first Republican senator in more than 50 years on Tuesday.

UPDATE: King announced that he will not switch caucuses and stick with the Democrats. He told reporters that he believes it is in Maine’s best interest to have its senators in both caucuses.

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