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I’m trying very hard not to share every interesting tidbit from my book in the Corner. But I agree entirely that Corporations are entirely selfish and non-ideological (anideological is too hard to say). One anecdote from my book (actually William Manchester’s book) on this point.

When it was still unclear whether or not the Nazis would attain power in Germany, Gustav Krupp issued orders to his Berlin chauffeur: if Krupp left a building with his gloves in his right hand, the driver was to give him the traditional Prussian greeting (clicked heels and a tap of the bill of your hat). If Krupp had his gloves in his left hand, the chauffeur was expected to give him the full “Heil Hitler” salute, which Gustav would return with equal gusto. Such was the level of non-ideological opportunism of the most famously Nazi corporation.

(Special bonus if you noted that the left hand was reserved for the Nazis).

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