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Since I started writing for this website — 2000 (I was late to the Internet) — I’ve regularly brought up my hometown of Ann Arbor, Mich.: “a small citadel of the Left,” I have perpetually called it. I’ve also referred to myself as a “backlash baby.” I rebelled against my roots, so to speak.

Anyway, I have shocking news for you: Ann Arbor has just scotched Columbus Day and decreed Indigenous Peoples Day. (Read about it here.)

Why is this shocking? Because they waited until 2015 to do it. I’d’ve thought they’d’ve done it waaay before now. What kind of racists and jingoes are they?

Earlier in my life, I thought of Ann Arbor as special: a special little lefty place. Very unlike the rest of America, which was liberty-appreciating, sensible, patriotic, and so on. But I’m afraid that, over the last few decades, I’ve witnessed the Ann Arborization of the entire country.

Someone once wrote a story called “Goodbye, Columbus.” Well, goodbye.

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