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Ann Romney: I Agree With ’90 Percent’ of Mitt’s Policies

Ann Romney agrees with her husband on most policy positions, but conceded today there are a few policies where she doesn’t fully agree with his position.

“I’m not going to name one [policy that she disagrees with] because I don’t think that’s important,” Ann Romney told Fox News in an interview set to air tomorrow on America’s Newsroom. “I’m not the one running for President, this guy is. And I completely support 90 percent of where Mitt is.”

Mitt Romney, asked about the claim that the couple had never had a serious fight, said, “There are places where we disagree. But we don’t yell and slam doors.”

Romney also indicated he didn’t plan to give another major speech about his Mormon faith, although he might talk about religion broadly. “Well, I give major speeches on topics of significance and have about once a week or once every two weeks for the last couple of months, and will continue doing so as regards religion in America,” he said. “I gave a speech on that topic in my last campaign at the George Herbert Walker Bush Library. I don’t know that I would add to that or change it in some way.”

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