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Ann Romney: Media Didn’t Give Mitt a ‘Fair Shake’

Ann Romney doesn’t think Americans ever saw the real Mitt Romney, in part thanks to the hostile media environment her husband faced.

“I believe it was the media’s fault as well,” Romney said on Fox News Sunday, alluding to the campaign’s difficulties in introducing Mitt Romney to America. “He was not … being given a fair shake. People weren’t allowed to really see him for who he was.”

“I”m happy to blame the media,” Ann Romney added.

“Any time you are running for office you always think that you are being portrayed unfairly, and . . . of course, on our side believe that there is more bias in favor of the other side,” she continued. “I think that, you know, that is a pretty universal — universally felt opinion.”

During the primary last year, Ann Romney vented about the media, joking that, “I am so mad at the press [that] I could just strangle them!”

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