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In The Annals of Off-Air Chatter…

…this must take a special place in the “bizarre” category. I’m listening in my ear to Pat Buchanan chatting up it up with Sid Blumenthal in Washington prior to the discussion of Legacy yesterday on Buchanan & Press (this is from memory, but the gist is right):

PJB: “You know Sid, you really should start writing those big profiles of presidential candidates again. Those were really great.”

SB: “Yeah, I’d like to do them again.”

PJB: “I always thought you were one of about six people who understood the deep trends and movements in American politics.”

SB: “THANKS, Pat.”

PJB: “The others who really got it were Murray Rothbard…”

SB: “Yeah, yeah—I remember Murray…”

PJB: “…and Sam Francis.”

SB: Silence.


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