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Annals of the Arab Spring: Egyptians to Reopen Gaza Border Crossing

Democracy has not even placed the Muslim Brotherhood in power yet, but the organization is powerfully influencing events. Over Israeli objections, Egypt’s military government has announced that it will reopen the Rafah crossing — the country’s border with Hamas-controlled Gaza. (H/T The Snow Report.] The move will enable Hamas to defeat Israel’s blockade. Gaza’s other land crossings border Israel, which also patrols Gaza’s Mediterranean coast, but without Egypt’s cooperation, Israel cannot stop major arms shipments and jihadists from getting through to Hamas (the Palestinian branch of the Brotherhood).  

As someone once said, it is very foolish to believe the Egyptian military can be relied on to keep the peace with Israel against the wishes of the Brotherhood and Egypt’s heavily fundamentalist Muslim population. Oh, and did I mention that Saif a-Adel, the new head of al-Qaeda, used to be a special forces officer in the Egyptian army? 


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