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The Annals of Teenage Pregnancy

As a reader has pointed out to me, Barack Obama’s mother had him when she was a teenager — 18. And how old will Bristol Palin be? The same? And, as Bristol plans to do, Obama’s mother married the father (however briefly).

Look, some folks’ lives don’t roll easy — big deal. (And quit being so shocked that I made a James Taylor reference — allusion, rather.) (But I confess: The only reason I know that song is that the King’s Singers recorded an arrangement of it.)

Learned some interesting things from a 4/9/08 Time magazine article (here). First, here’s Congressman Neil Abercrombie on Barack Obama Sr. (whom he knew): “He had this magnetic personality. Everything was oratory from him, even the most commonplace observation.” And here’s Time’s reporter on him: “[He] had an agenda: to return to his home country and help reinvent Kenya.”

Holy moly: Was he, too, The One? (Or, given the modesty of “help reinvent,” only “a one”?)

UPDATE/CORRECTION: Oops. I now know — thanks to readers — that “Some Folks’ Lives Roll Easy” is a Paul Simon song, not a James Taylor song. I was thinking of a JT song on that same King’s Singers album: “That Lonesome Road.” Teaches me to try to go all pop. (I know, I know: It’s not pop music. Whatever.)


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