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Annoy The Media: Elect Sarah Palin

I’m getting lots of email like this:


I think the lib MSM are playing their hand very badly here.  The initial news about Palin’s daughter was genuinely, though mildly disappointing.  But the glee with which all the oh so proper libs who are so above dishing dirt on their own guys are chewing on this is making me love Palin all the more, for spite.  And frankly the courage to proceed unashamed when faced with such jackals speaks well of her character.

BTW, like no daughter of an all condom all the time politician ever got pregnant huh?  If they did, surely the whole sex ed condom only solution would be shown to be utterly null and void right?  Oh but I guess the sex ed voluptuary’s daughters actually wouldn’t ever get caught out as preggos, because NARAL momma would be damn sure she got that little problem killed, er, solved, no evidence no problem. 

But they do have a point, abortion surely can make sure no teen ever REMAINS pregnant. 


And this:

I’m 31, and when I was a kid the World Wrestling Federation would not admit that what it was doing was fake.  We all knew Hulk Hogan and Jake the Snake were really just doing a big sweaty man-ballet, but they would never admit that fact.  The media today is just like the WWF back then.  They won’t admit that what they’re doing is phony, and that almost every supposedly non-partisan, registered independent host on the networks, CNN, and MSNBC is a liberal democrat.  They, like the WWF in 80’s, will not admit that their obvious charade is phony.   


Me: From what I’ve seen of the press coverage, I’m on the same page. 

Politically, we’ll have to see how this plays out (I can imagine several outcomes, at least). But it is quite possible that the press overplays its hand so egregiously they actually help Palin. It’s also possible that she’ll die a death of a thousand cuts.

How’s that for non-committal punditry! 


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