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About time someone else complained about anonymous blogging. Instapundit and myslef were alone for a long time (I’m sure others complained too, I just never heard about it). Andrew Sullivan complains about it and links to an article that requires full registration at Salon which apparently complains about it more. Frankly, I think Atrios and other bloggers who are too chicken to put their names behind what they say are cowards and, to a large extent, losers. I do think they have the first amendment right to do it — the Federalist Papers were anonymous after all — but who cares if they have the right to do it? Moreover, readers who think anonybloggers are heroes of some kind should do a quick moral inventory. If it’s wrong to insinuate something without proof, surely it’s wrong to throw around insults without having to face the consequences. My job would certainly be a hell of a lot easier if no one could take cheap, peersonal, shots at me. But that’s the price you pay in this business.


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