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Anonybloggers: Speaking Too Quickly

I probably should have waited until morning. Sometimes the night blogging — like the night-putting gets the better of me.

I’ve heard from several bloggers and others who make a good case that not all of it is bad and sometimes it’s necessary. Most specifically, when bloggers do it from inside an industry or profession about that profession. I think that’s totally fair. Indeed, as one fellow mentioned we do have Jack Dunphy who writes under a pseuodonym in order to keep his job. Of course, Jack began as an actual reporter-of-fact, not an editorialist, and he’s not a blogger. But the point is still a good one. Obviously, I think bloggers in Iraq, for example, have an understandable reason for maintaining a secret identity.

I guess my ire was directed more at the pundit blogs. For a long time several leading liberal journalistic sites — Tapped, TNR — ran Corner-style blogs without signed entries. That bugged the hell out of me — since when do professional journalists need to protect their identities? But they’ve changed the policy and I think they’re better for it.

As several people have noted, my objection is with cheap shots not with anonybloggers (which, according to some, makes me a hypocrite). Yes and no. I think it is particular cowardly to write insulting stuff about other peoples’ character, looks etc while staying safe behind skirt of anonymity. If you’re going to mix-it-up that way you should be ready to take your lumps.

Nevertheless, I shouldn’t have painted with such a broad brush. Damn that night-blogging.


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