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Anonymous (cont’d)

Kathryn, I read the piece by Anonymous with interest, sympathy (her story is a sad one), and disagreement, not least because of the lack of understanding it betrays about the nature of “addiction,” that get-out-of-jail-free card used far too often already. We do have choices. I am also, of course, generally no fan of censorship. That said, even if we differ on this topic (somehow I think we do!), can we at least agree that this suggestion by Anonymous should be a non-starter?: 

Congress should fund a long-term, multidisciplinary analysis of the effects of porn addiction on marriage and family life.

No, it should not. This country is out of money, and it is long past time that we got serious about it. Taxpayer-funded analyses of the effects of porn “addiction” can, I think, wait.


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