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Another $1 Million for Gore

Al Gore has just won the Dan David Prize for “social responsibility.”  That’s another $1 million that I presume Gore will use to push his message further, so presumably winning him more awards. 

Meanwhile, Lonnie Thompson, described by Gore as “another friend of mine” in An Inconvenient Truth, shares the prize for “Future Geosciences” because of his glacial studies.  You can learn a bit more about Dr Thompson’s scientific methods here (excerpt: “Thompson has once more obfuscated a journal by falsely telling them that everything already is archived (without providing links), which the journal has duly retailed to me. I think that the journal editor should have been able to tell that Thompson was unresponsive, but I’ve written back one more time, providing a trail by which the journal can validate for itself that Thompson’s answer was false and unresponsive.”)

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