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Another Chicago

Now here’s that letter from the parent of a University of Chicago student: “It is, indeed, a tragedy to see Chicago lose its distinctiveness, which made it unique among American research universities — and my son is seeing the loss in slow-motion over his undergraduate years. There are still some older faculty around to teach the Core; for example, my son is enjoying the outstanding teaching of Karl Weintraub’s wife Katy in the History of Western Civilization sequence. But the administration is slowly gutting (ever more so) the Core, and the newer faculty generally do not support the Core. Even worse, the administration admittedly seeks to make Chicago just like another Ivy League university, which requires obeisance to the liberal shibboleths that rule the Ivies. So, the O-Week activities include mandatory sessions on “diversity” (with all the usual victim classes) and sexuality — which made my son’s service as an Orientation Aide this fall a bit tricky as he tried to steer away from having to lead any of those sessions.

My son still loves the U of C, and for the most part I agree that his education is better than he would get most other places. Still, conservative students should view Chicago in the same category as the Ivies or Stanford — which means, plan on spending four years behind enemy lines!”


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