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Another Day Without a Mexican

Only one reader who’d actually seen the movie “A Day Without a Mexican” has contacted me, his assessment being that is was “freaking hilarious, and makes some very valid socio-economic points.”

Be that as it may, readers who hadn’t seen it had much to say. The idea for the movie seems to have come from a play, “Day of Absence,” by Douglas Turner Ward, where all the blacks in a southern town in 1965 magically disappear and the feckless white people are unable to cope.

Ethnic chieftains have tried to bring about real-world versions of this; most recently through a “Latino general strike” in California last December that was only observed by a few high school students, turning the “general strike” into Senior Skip Day.

From another reader:

In 2000 we actually had “A Day Without A Cuban” in Miami. As a protest against the repatriation of Elian Gonzalez, Cuban leaders in Miami called for a one-day work stoppage by all Cubans in the city. Even six Florida Marlins, including Mike Lowell, sat out that night’s game.

It was by far the smoothest running business day in Miami in the past 25 years.

Finally, another reader suggested a variation on the theme:

Perhaps what’s really needed is a movie “A Day Without the U. S. A.”. Europe ruled by Nazi Germany, East Asia by Japan, Latin America still colonies of Spain and Portugal.


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