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Another Dem For Bush

EAST ST. LOUIS, IL — (MARKET WIRE) — 10/29/2004 — Four-term Mayor Carl Officer of East St. Louis announced before local supporters today that he has accepted the position as head of the Illinois Steering Committee of “Democrats for Bush,” founded earlier this year by Democratic Senator Zell Miller of Georgia. A life long Democrat, Officer is a third generation African-American entrepreneur and mayor of America’s poorest city.

The mayor was welcomed into the organization by a personal congratulatory phone call from Brian Lunde, National Executive Director of “Democrats for Bush.” After the call, Mayor Officer noted, “Director Lunde told me that polls are showing that the President’s support among black voters is DOUBLE what it was in his first election. He went on to kindly say that with me joining the President’s team, he will now expect the support to TRIPLE.”