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Another Dem Calls Out Obama for ‘You Can Keep It’ Promise — When His Website Repeats It

Democratic representative Bruce Braley of Iowa says it was “appropriate” for the president to apologize for the fact that many Americans won’t be able to keep their health-care plans — but he’s made the same guarantees in the past, and his own website still contains the promise.

“I think it was appropriate for the president to do what he thought was right,” Braley told a local television station. But on his congressional website, Braley assures constituents that they can “maintain their choice of health insurance” thanks to his “proud” work on the health-care law.

Shortly after the Affordable Care Act passed in 2010, Braley made a similar promise, saying the law would ”allow Americans to maintain their choice of health insurance.”

Braley is currently the only declared Democratic candidate running for the open Senate seat in Iowa in 2014.

He isn’t the only Democrat trying to have it both ways: Kurt Schrader of Oregon has also gone after the president over the law’s not living up to his promises, even though he offered the same assurances in the past.

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