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Another Example of Authoritarianism in Scotland

(kieferpix/Getty Images)

In a YouTube video from April 2018, “Ruth Davidson and the fatherless children,” Richard Lucas, a Scottish private-school teacher, said of the former leader of the Scottish Conservative Party and lesbian that she “wishes to normalize the production of fatherless children, does not value marriage, and follows the ABM childcare philosophy.”

To bolster his opinion, Lucas stated the fact that Davidson and her wife hadn’t “produced this baby together,” but rather the baby “is the product of Ruth Davidson and a gentleman whose identity is a mystery to us.” Lucas went on to say that he believes the parentage of Ruth Davidson’s baby to be an “important issue” because it concerns “the deliberate production of a fatherless child.”

For stating this commonly held belief that children need their fathers, Lucas now faces being struck off by the General Teaching Council for Scotland. This is just the latest example of Scotland’s creeping authoritarianism.


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