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Another Injunction against the Birth-Control Rule

Alliance Defending Freedom has won another preliminary injunction against the free-birth-control rule based on the religious objections of a business owner, this time for a Missouri plumbing-supply company called Sioux Chief Manufacturing Co. Inc. What is interesting is that the injunction was unopposed by the feds. Welcome, but odd — particularly given that Hobby Lobby was fought by the DOJ tooth and tong to the point that the company now faces millions in fines for continuing to defy the rule while the case is appealed.

These cases are extremely important to American liberty because the Obama administration is arguing that business owners have no religious liberties in the context of operating a for-profit business, supposedly because that is a purely secular activity. That question will clearly be decided by the Supreme Court, and so it seems to me that there should be a uniform approach to these dissenting companies. It doesn’t seem right that some are protected and others not based on situations that seem very similar on the facts.


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