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Another Letter to Senator Lott

Dear Senator Lott:

I am very opposed to the current immigration bill.

I am a voting resident of Hattiesburg, Forrest County, Mississippi.  I reside outside of the United States in Ottawa, Ontario. Since I vote most of the time by absentee ballot, there are times that I have to pay a notary fee in order to vote.  I think that qualifies me as a “broken glass” Republican.

I first voted in Newton County when I was first old enough and later transfered by residence to Forrest County.  Since that move I have voted for your every time that I have had the opportunity.

I would like to let you know that I am very opposed to the current immigration bill.  I am for legal immigration, following the rules.  I have seen amnesty in both the US and Canada.  It does not work it is the bureaucrat’s way of solving the situation. I am married to a legal immigrant and will not be called a bigot on the subject.

1.  I know where Gulfport is.

2.  I had an Great Aunt in Jasper County who also had goats. Back in the 1960′s she put a chain-link fence around them and had no problems. She had at least 20 more than you did, so I do not accept your analogy.

3.  I have endured immigration officials on both sides of the Canada-U.S. border for over thirty years so I am always amazed at the porous nature of our southern border.

4.  I do not know what work it is that Americans won’t do.  An example might be lawn care, but in my experience in both Hattiesburg and Ottawa this is a lucrative business done by legal tax paying citizens.  Framing for house construction is very lucrative employment in the areas I am most familiar with like Quebec, Ontario, and Alberta.  In Quebec it is regulated to the point that workers from other parts of Canada can not get in.  If you want your house to stand up you don’t want it framed by someone who has only recently been taught how to hold a hammer.

Please show me that I voted for you for reasons other than keeping a Democrat from filling the position or that you have nice hair.

James R. Weber

I am also a veteran and a Graduate (BSc and MSc) of the University of Southern Mississippi


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