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Another Non-Canned Cranberry Recipe


I am a HUGE fan of NRO and especially the Corner. I also happen to be a Republican, a GOTV volunteer (partially through reading your pages), and a small businessman. The business I happen to own is a restaurant company. (4 located in Atlanta, 39 Best of Atlanta awards and reasonably priced ). For NRO readers only, I am willing to share the easiest of all homemade Thanksgiving recipes; and, it is for fresh cranberry sauce, and it actually really tastes great.


1 bag fresh cranberries (1 pound or so)

1 C Sugar

1 C Water

Boil water, add sugar, stir, add cranberries, stir, boil 5 minutes (the skins will pop on the cranberries), refrigerate overnight (it thickens up in the fridge). After removing from the stove, I fold in a small can of drained mandarin oranges (you can stir in whatever you think you would like), and I squeeze a little juice of one of whatever I have in the fridge (lemon, lime, or fresh orange). Save a few fresh cranberries to garnish with.

Even if you don’t like cranberry sauce, try it, it is quite tasty. I would also say it is the true cranberry sauce of conservatives. You have to be smarter to do it (you have to figure out that the stuff in a can is actually made from something); it represents what is best about America, self-reliance-you can make it yourself; you don’t need the approval of others to make it, like in the UN; and, it is true to our roots, not like some over-refined, homogenized crap invented in France, it’s made of basic and solid ingredients, just like Americans. If the Pilgrims actually ate cranberry sauce, I bet it would be like this. Maybe this isn’t quite as witty or funny as I had hoped it would be, but it the recipe is a nice and easy surprise for Thanksgiving dinner.

Your loyal reader,

Greg Vojnovic

Roswell, GA


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