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Another “Oy” of Sorts

For whatever it’s worth: I can’t do anything tangible for the families involved, but, yeah, I care that hundreds may have died in a ferry accident a long way from here. 1,300 people were reportedly on board and only 180 are known so far to have survived, according to AP. And I pray that more are found alive–not because I am a good person (St. Peter will have his doubts when the time comes) but because of some sense of common humanity. As I’m sure many people who will never be anywhere near an Egyptian ferry will. Perhaps that has something to do, too, with the reason I, Jane American, want people in the Sudan to be free and those killing them to be put out of power…even if it’s not something that’s directly affecting my everyday life. I sound like Miss America, and it’s certainly true that I can’t and won’t spend my day thinking about what happened but, “I don’t care about Egyptians” sounds unnecessarily callous. Oremus.

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