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Another Reader Review of the Palin Interview


My wife is fired up.  She thinks Charlie Gibson’s questioning was condescending and very unprofessional.  He seem incredulous to her answers, took “Pray For” out of her quote and really looked down on her.  She thought she did great and that she wants all of the candidates to be asked questions like this (hypothetical) in a condecending manner and see how they do.

The McCain campaign had better take on the “Pray for” quote and say that those same words are said every Sunday in churches across nation.  Every church prays that we are on the right side of “good” and we pray for all of our leaders that God gives them the wisdom and judgement to make good decisions.

Charlie and the media hasn’t just taken on Palin, he has taken on every woman who believe’s in God, Prays and has children.  Trust me, my wife is very fired up.

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