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Another Reason Why Waxman Won’t Be Missed

The blend of stupidity, hysteria, and self-indulgent moralizing that is the jihad against e-cigarettes continues to waft through the nation.

Real Clear Politics has the details:

Several senators and a congressman wrote to the House Office Building Commission and the Senate Committee on Rules yesterday urging that electronic cigarettes be banned on Capitol grounds. Sens. Dick Durbin of Illinois, Richard Blumenthal of Connecticut, Sherrod Brown of Ohio, Ed Markey of Massachusetts, Tom Harkin of Iowa, Barbara Boxer of California, and retiring-Rep. Henry Waxman of California wrote that e-cigarettes should be treated the same way as cigarettes.

Because, you know, they are not cigarettes.

Real Clear Politics notes that some of this  miserable crew (including Vietnam ‘veteran’ Richard Blumenthal of Connecticut) recently criticized the Golden Globes broadcast for glamorizing e-cigarettes and encouraging “young fans to begin smoking traditional cigarettes or e-cigarettes.”  FWIW, I posted something about that at the time over at Ricochet


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