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Another Simpsons Moment

Hey, I’m going to be signing off any minute so now’s your chance:


From Krusty’s 29th Anniversary Special:

Krusty: “I’ve worked with a lot of second bananas over the years, but none were as memorable as Sideshow Rahim.”

Flash to a scene of a Krusty show from the early-mid 70s and Krusty is standing next to a LARGE black man in a dashiki:

Krusty: “Uhh, the script says I’ve gotta bonk you with this mallet.”

Sideshow Rahim: “I wouldn’t”

Krusty: “Uhhhh…”

Flash to Krusty’s 29h Special and Krusty sitting on the steps pensively shaking his head: “Angry, angry young man.”

That and the mediocre Presidents song:

We are the mediocre, Presidents

You won’t find our faces on dollars or on cents

There’s Taylor, there’s Tyler, there’s Fillmore and there’s Hayes

There’s William Henry Harrison, I died in Thirty Days!

We are the adequate, the laughable, occasionally regrettable

Care-taker Presidents of the U…S…A….


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