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Another Video Shows Gruber Bragging about ‘Exploitation’ of American Voter’s Stupidity

Although Obamacare architect Jonathan Gruber now says his “off the cuff” comments last year about the American people’s stupidity were “inappropriate,” the MIT professor made similar comments in at least two other speeches on the health-care law delivered over the last few years.

During a speech at the University of Rhode Island in 2012, Gruber explained how Obamacare’s taxation of insurance companies — rather than the reduction in insurance tax breaks for individuals — represented “a very clever basic exploitation of lack of economic understanding of the American voter.” 

The video follows another, also from October 2013, that was discovered earlier this week. Gruber claimed the confusing tax language in the health-care law was deliberately chosen because “the American voter is too stupid to know the difference.”

via the Daily Caller


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