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An Answer for William Saletan

William Saletan thinks I have been unfair to him in my earlier post. The point — which Saletan surely is too smart (i.e., functionally literate) not to get — is that his piece praising bipartisan open-mindedness is composed almost exclusively of “Gee, aren’t conservatives horrible and closed-minded”  bromides.

Now, it had occurred to me that Saletan, or somebody else, might think my excerpting of his piece was unfair. (I suppose I could have copied the whole thing, but that would have been silly and tedious.) Foreseeing this objection, I wrote:

Now, lest you think I’m being unfair in my editing of Saletan, I do encourage you to go read the entire piece, the comic effect of which much exceeds my ability to capture it here in abbreviated form.

And I still encourage you to do so, because my criticism will, I trust, withstand the scrutiny of most anybody not professionally obliged to defend William Saletan and the content of Salon Slate.

It is also remarkable that, while objecting that what I omitted from his post, Saletan very pointedly omits my suggestion that readers have a look at the unexcerpted whole. Saletan is immune to irony.

CORRECTION: Meant Slate, of course, not Salon. Six Saletans, half a dozen Walshes.


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