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Anthony Scaramucci on The Jamie Weinstein Show

The latest episode of my podcast features Anthony Scaramucci in all his unbridled Mooch-iness.

We discuss a wide range of topics, from his falling out with Steve Bannon and Reince Priebus to his potential new career as a cable news talk show host, to why he thinks Robert E. Lee is getting a raw deal in the current political climate to, believe it or not, why he often recommends Ben Franklin’s essay “Fart Proudly” to children.

As for what he would be advising the president if he were in the White House today, The Mooch said he would urge the president to drop his war on the media. “At the end of the day, it’s not in the President’s interest,” he said. “It’s outside of his natural personality and his natural skill set. I’d like to see him be interviewed by Steve Colbert, as an example. He should be on CNN.”

There’s so much more in the podcast. I encourage you to listen to the whole thing.


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