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Anthony v. Reince

It’s always seemed possible that Scaramucci would end up as Trump’s chief of staff. Certainly, this makes sense for Scaramucci. Besides it being a more powerful position (at least, in theory), his current communications gig probably has a limited shelf life for at least two reasons: 1) When you are in front of the cameras every day, even if you are very adept (Anthony is), you are going to get dinged up, especially when you are constantly defending Trump’s various statements; 2) The more time Scaramucci has in front of the camera and as his profile grows, it is more likely that Trump gets sick of seeing him and becomes jealous of the attention he’s getting. So it’d be much better to parlay the communications gig into something bigger and a little less out-front. Surely, this dynamic is part of the reason for the completely bizarre episode last night where Scaramucci appeared to be implicitly accusing Reince of an alleged leak of his financial disclosure forms to Politico. Just going by the rumors, Reince has been the most-ousted chief of staff in history, but his tenure with Trump has obviously entered a new and much more treacherous phase.