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Anthony Weiner’s Other Destructive Obsession

It will not surprise you to see that Anthony Weiner is in another sex scandal again, or that he’s managed to find a new creepy depth to reach.

Weiner must rank among the saddest men in modern American life: a man incapable of stepping away from the spotlight and inevitable awkward jokes about his humiliation. Life gave him many blessings: opportunities, a wife, a child, and yet after the initial scandal, he refused to go off and live a happy life in private law practice or run a hardware store or something. But instead, he had to run for mayor, he had to let a documentary film crew follow him around, he has to keep giving interviews to the New York Times and Huffington Post. His wife’s boss and longtime mentor is running for president, and he still can’t stop doing this, or even get off of Twitter – at least until this latest scandal. (How long until Weiner sets up an account under the name ‘Carlos Danger’?)

A lot of people are responding this morning, “wow, there’s really something wrong with him, he must really have a compulsion…” but Weiner has two compulsions: one is an appetite for sexually inappropriate exchanges with young women on Twitter (recall one was 17!) and the second is staying in public life, ensuring that his sex scandals get exposed, again and again and again. He refuses to go away.

Maybe Huma Abedin and Hillary Clinton are so close because they really understand each other’s problems. 

UPDATE: Huma Abedin and Anthony Weiner are separating.


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