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Anti-Fascist Street Fighter?

From Reuters:

” Schwarzenegger, under fire for allegations that he once expressed admiration for Adolf Hitler, helped break up a neo-Nazi rally in 1964 when he was a young body-builder, an Austrian magazine reported. In the latest issue of NU magazine, prominent Austrian politician Alfred Gerstl said the then 17-year old Schwarzenegger and fellow body-builders “chased away the Nazis” during a neo-Nazi protest against the anti-fascist director of a teaching academy in Graz, Austria.”

Interesting – and, particularly if the magazine piece was written before the current allegations surfaced, very persuasive.

And then there’s this from the Fresh Potatoes blog:

“Documentary Filmmaker George Butler got it wrong, and now admits that he incorrectly quoted Schwarzenegger’s comments about Hitler.”

Read the whole thing.


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