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‘Anti-Gay’ or ‘Anti-Gay Marriage’?

This headline yesterday struck me as remarkable. Bear in mind it is atop a news story. 

Santorum continues anti-gay rhetoric, takes shot at Bachmann, rest of field

There is a debate going on about marriage in America. Apparently NBC is clear on which side it is on. 

Below the headline: 

By NBC’s Jo Ling Kent and Domenico Montanaro


ANAMOSA, CEDAR RAPIDS, HIAWATHA, Iowa, and WASHINGTON – Rick Santorum today finally wrapped up his 50-city tour de Iowa.

He continued to press anti-gay views, saying that calling same-sex marriage a marriage would be like calling a cup of tea a basketball.

He repeatedly quoted a study that families do better in heterosexual marriages. Though that study actually uses the phrase “nuclear” family, which can include same-sex couples.

Three supporters of same-sex marriage stood with posters next to the National Organization of Marriage bus, including Alice McCabe and her husband, who have a daughter and daughter-in-law with a daughter in Minneapolis. The National Organization of Marriage has asked Republican presidential candidates to sign an anti-gay marriage pledge.

And then goes on to give Dan Savage yet more coverage:

On sex columnist Dan Savage’s threat to mess with search results for Santorum’s first name — having already done so with his surname, Santorum called it “disgusting.”

“It doesn’t deserve any kind of recognition,” he said. “This is the kind of disgusting discourse in our society that coarsens our society and doesn’t add value. Because we have a society now with the Internet that anybody on the extreme fringe can post things and be heard, it doesn’t mean that should be paid attention to.”

Apparently NBC would like to go circumvent actual debate. At least they are upfront about the bias. 


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