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Anti-Hispanic, Anti-Woman

Will Lopez be counted as both? Wouldn’t be a first. 

Ellen Malcolm from EMILY’s List has made this statement on Sotomayor:

I strongly commend President Obama’s nomination of Judge Sonia Sotomayor to the Supreme Court of the United States. If confirmed by the Senate, Judge Sotomayor would make history as the first Hispanic, as well as the third woman to ever sit on the court. Judge Sotomayor will help add balance to the court and her unique perspective will help ensure that women’s rights are protected and that their experiences continue to play a role in the highest court in the land. With her nomination the court is one step closer to reflecting the diversity that makes our country so great.

When we have the fourth female Supreme Court nominee, will that fact still make it into the press release? The 14th? When does simply being a woman stop being a milestone?  

Of course, since even Orrin Hatch has to mention that Sotomayor is the “first person of Puerto Rican heritage to the United States Supreme Court,” race does seem to be the president’s trump card. 

She also appears to be at least Catholic enough to add to Team Obama’s FOCA cover.  


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