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The Anti-Human New York Times

Human exceptionalism used to be considered a self-evident truth. No more. Particularly among political progressives, the idea of unique human value is under sustained assault as a fiction promoted by religious belief and “speciesism,” e.g., discrimination against animals. 

The New York Times continually furthers this misanthropic agenda. Over at First Things, I explore the Times’ subversion:

Article after column after editorial published in our most prominent news outlets promote the view that human exceptionalism is hubristic and arrogant. If we would just rank ourselves alongside the other animals in the forest, we are told repeatedly, we would treat the land more gently and save the planet more willingly.

There are many examples of this, but let’s focus on the flagship of the mainstream media flotilla, the New York Times, which has, over the last few years, conspicuously and repeatedly published articles overtly seeking to subvert human exceptionalism.

I give four examples along with quotes and links from the last two years, including an article asserting we should identify as “mammals” instead of humans, a hagiographic NYT Magazine article extolling the radical animal rights lawyer, Steven Wise.

I conclude:

Some might argue that the Times is fully justified in publishing these and other such articles because the anti-humanist attitudes they express are gaining increasing prominence within the intelligentsia and among opinion leaders.

That is unquestionably true. But discourse is supposed to be a two-way street. Surely, supporters of intrinsic human dignity should be allowed equivalent space to defend the ancien regime.

Don’t hold your breath. The Times is agenda-driven, intent on promoting political progressivism in all its iterations.

Progressives have long held that the idea of intrinsic human dignity is irrational, unscientific, and religiously based. Thus, we shouldn’t be surprised that the Times provides its imprimatur to articles that—either intentionally or effectively—assault the inherent sanctity of human life.

The New York Times: All the propaganda that’s fit to print.


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