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Anti-Israel Protest Fizzles

From the Jerusalem Post:

US rally against Israeli ‘occupation’ attracts smaller numbers than expected

Billed as a massive rally and the first national demonstration focusing on an end to the Israeli occupation, a pro-Palestinian protest held on the Capitol lawn Sunday afternoon drew upwards of 2,000 protesters chanting anti-Israel slogans, waving Palestinian flags and calling for the right of return for Palestinian refugees.

The sponsors, US Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation, United for Peace and Justice and 300 supporting organizations, said they were pleased with the turnout at the rally. Critics, though, called the smaller-than-expected turnout a poor showing for a nationally planned event.

The rhetoric and signs on display were less vicious than at similar protests in other places, notably in Europe, which contributed to a relaxed atmosphere that heated up only slightly as the demonstrators were confronted by handfuls of pro-Israel advocates when they began their march to the White House.

Most rally speakers were long-time peace activists and Palestinian partisans who led “occupation is a crime” chants and held banners proclaiming “all Israel is occupied.” One speaker decried the joint occupation of America and Palestine, the latter by Israel, the former by AIPAC; many referred to Israel as an apartheid state. The event also featured a call from high-profile comedian Roseanne Barr for a reassessment of US foreign policy