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Anti-Romney Protest Reveals MoveOn.Org’s Terminal Hypocrisy plans to spend this Sunday afternoon protesting “Mitt Romney’s Koch problem.” The presumptive Republican nominee will headline a fundraiser at the Southampton, N.Y., home of David Koch, a billionaire industrialist, benefactor of free-market organizations, and the quintessence of pure, unfiltered evil — or so the Left contends.

“Let the Kochs and Romneys know that WE ARE THE 99% AND OUR MESSAGE WILL BE HEARD!” screams a call to action on the left-wing group’s website.’s “Lisa O.” further explains:

Big oil tycoon and polluter David Koch is having a huge fundraiser for Mitt Romney at his Southampton estate! All the big, important 1%ers will be there! And we will be too — hundreds of us! Join with Occupy NYC, NYC MoveOn, LI Progressive Coalition, Jobs with Justice, SEIU, United,, Occupy Huntington, Port Jefferson MoveOn, Occupy the East End and more…& lots of unaffiliated 99%ers!

Another planning message says this about’s so-called “Koch Party”:

Showing just how much he is running for President of the 1%, Romney’s meal ticket is being punched by people paying more for one meal, $50,000 a person, than most Americans makes [sic] in a whole year.’s staggering hypocrisy could sink an aircraft carrier.

Yes, it’s true. David Koch is a multi-billionaire who supports conservative and free-market causes and candidates. Under the First Amendment and congruent with the American way, he is free to spend his money to advance sympathetic politicians and organizations. Among many others, these include the Institute for Humane Studies, on whose faculty I have served.

Now, where does get much, if not most, of its money?

Why, from George Soros, a high-level financier and multi-billionaire whose enviable fortune places him firmly in the stratosphere of the top 0.1 percent. As the Capital Research Center confirms, got its big break in September 2003. George Soros sat down with co-founder Wes Boyd and made this generous offer: Soros would donate $2.5 million. Another loaded leftie, Peter Lewis, agreed to match Soros’s gift. Together, they also pledged a joint match, $1 for every $2 donation, up to $5 million.

#more#This equals $10 million that scored just from these two mega-rich guys. These leftists are in no position to lecture the Right about accepting money from the wealthy.

The minute returns its $10 million to Soros and Lewis, the American Right can consider handing back its donations from David Koch and his libertarian/philanthropist brother Charles. And not a second sooner. whines that Romney’s guests are paying $50,000 per plate to dine with the former Massachusetts governor.

So what?

Just three weeks ago, President Obama was in Greenwich Village to dine with his supporters at a June 14 soiree hosted by actress Sarah Jessica Parker and Vogue editor Anna Wintour. And why would a “man of the people” like Obama even want to appear with Wintour? She is a legendarily tyrannical and snotty boss who terrorizes her employees, most of them in the 99 percent. For details, see Meryl Streep’s Academy Award–nominated best-actress portrayal of Wintour in 2007’s The Devil Wears Prada.

How much was that Manhattan meal? Was it $20 per plate — accessible to nearly every American? $500 a plate — beyond the capacities of most, but within reach of dedicated Obamites who saved for the occasion?

No such luck.

Obama charged his guests $40,000 per plate. That is 146 percent of the U.S. per-capita annual income of $27,334. So, a typical American who wanted to attend Obama’s event simply would have to keep working, put every single penny into a piggy bank, evade her taxes, eat nothing, and spend every evening in an unlit apartment on which she had skipped rent payments. After about a year and a half, she finally could join Obama and the high-flying, beautiful, and glamorous 1 percenters for her first dinner in some 18 months.

Until Obama charges his guests $100 each for ham sandwiches, MoveOn’s complaints about Romney’s pricey dishes deserve scorn.

These leftists also raise this issue:

MoveOn will also fly a 99airlines banner that reads “Romney has a Koch problem” and drive the Romneymobile Cadillac, with corporate decals on the side and Seamus the dog on top.


Does MoveOn want to discuss Seamus, the Romney’s dog who uncomfortably rode inside a car-top cage en route to their vacation destination? Clever counterprotesters on the right should respond by handing out mocked-up copies of One Hundred Labrador Recipes by Barack Obama.

One would think that the Left would want Americans to forget that President Obama, as a child, ate dog meat — and then, as an adult, discussed it with casual abandon in his book, Dreams from My Father.

Can any other American politician make that statement? Indeed, can any other American?

Given its massive hypocrisy, its flimsy complaints, and its nauseating memories of canine cuisine, should abandon its ruckus and simply enjoy a summer afternoon at the beach.

Deroy Murdock is a Manhattan-based Fox News contributor and a contributing editor of National Review Online, and a senior fellow with the London Center for Policy Research.


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