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The Anti-Romney Vote or the Anti-Gingrich Vote?

Gingrich is already trying to position his impending loss in Florida as evidence that the “anti-Romney” conservative vote is larger than the pro-Romney vote:

“If you watch tonight, my prediction is the conservative vote will be dramatically bigger than Governor Romney’s,” he said. “So we’ve got to find a way to consolidate conservatives, and I’m clearly the front-runner among conservatives.”

But a Reuters/Ipsos poll just asked Florida voters about a head-to-head match-up between Romney and Gingrich. Guess what? Romney wins by 11 points:

“If the race were between Romney and Gingrich only, Romney would be at 55 percent to Gingrich’s 44 percent, according to the Sunday’s results. On Saturday the gap between the two was eight percentage points and on Friday it was just two, when respondents were asked the same question.”

The anti-Gingrich vote is large and growing.


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